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Symbion Incubator

The Symbion foundation houses 250 small companies and startups. The incubator section is a collaborative with Accelerace and accordingly coloured by their methods and insight into the entrepreneurial scene.
Accelerators / Incubators
Primarily investing in:
Product or prototype
Go to Market
Growth and expansion
Focus areas:

Focus areas

Primarily biotech and healthcare, but all companies with good ideas are welcome to apply. They would like to help you from the beginning at the drawing board and onwards.

How much do they invest?

It’s more about people than money. Symbion offers housing, office space and networking possibilities with the many other startups in the building. You will always find someone who is at the same stage as you are.

The good pitch

To the point and easy to understand. It should address why your product is interesting for your potential customers. Don’t make it too long. The first pitch should be delivered face to face, when you visit them.

Startups they funded

Moviestar Planet, CaseOn and QuantumWise.

How to approach them

Show up. Their address is:
Fruebjergvej 3, 2100 København Ø, Denmark.

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