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Cofounder, Southern Jutland
Monthly salary:



To be negotiated

myFixeer’s mission is to disrupt and remove the middleman aggregator, by democratizing the sharing service market with Blockchain technology and introduction of a distributed decentralized application which will essentially become a cooperative owned by its members – a real sharing economy. Service Seekers and Service Providers, because of myFixeer’s solution and thanks to Blockchain technology, will have the power to change how they live and work.

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myFixeer is looking for a CMO to promote company's idea through modern means of communication


The need

  • You have great writing skills in both Danish and English
  • You know how to create valuable content which will help people
  • You know how to jab until it hurts on social medias
  • You are driven by a goal of building something which can change the world


The offer

  • Joining myFixeer's adventure at the very early stage
  • Influencing the direction and decisions within the company
  • Creating something which will become your own


Perks & Benefits

Flexible work hours and vacation: Morning person or night owl, this job is for you
Social gatherings and games: Hangout with your colleagues
Equity package offer: Want to be a partner? Look no further
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