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Criterion AI

Who we are

Criterion AI was founded by Michael Sass Hansen and Sebastian Brandes. Michael holds a PhD degree in Machine Learning from DTU and has been a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard University for two years after his PhD studies. He has subsequently worked with applying deep learning for self-driving vehicles in the agricultural industry and fingerprint scanners for biometric verification.

Sebastian holds an M.Sc. degree in Economics and Quantitative Methods and has worked for Microsoft for 4 years where he ultimately held the position as the IoT Lead in Denmark.

At Criterion AI, we focus on building a strong product the makes a significant difference for our customers while having fun at the same time. We have beers every Friday and, once a year, we take the whole company to the world's leading AI conference, NeurIPS, which is going to take place in Vancouver in Canada in 2019. We will probably arrange a little bit of skiing before the conference. :-)

We value dedication, focus and innovation, which we believe are key elements for creating an amazing product. We work in sprints and, when we reach a milestone, we like to celebrate by going out or throwing a party at the office.

Q&A with Sebastian Brandes

Co-Founder @ Criterion AI

What are your plans for the future?

We want to become the world's leading provider of intelligent quality control software for the pharmaceutical industry. We leverage the power of AI to achieve that goal and we already work with some of the largest pharma companies to further develop and strengthen our product so our offering will be the absolute best in the market.

Why did you become an entrepreneur?

While working at Microsoft I realized how much potential the pharmaceutical industry had for leveraging the strengths of AI. I quickly learned that if I wanted to help the industry reap the rewards of this ground-breaking technology, I had to start my own company and that is how Michael and I got to work together.

Aside from achieving commercial success, what do you see as your startup’s mission?

By enhancing quality control in pharma, we can provide higher safety guarantees for patients while reducing the cost of drugs at the same time. In a world where we increasingly rely on medicine, helping pharma companies make drugs more affordable is very inspiring to us and fuels our motivation for creating an even better product.

Describe your perfect day at work.

A perfect day starts out with a great cup of coffee before having our daily standup meeting. After getting an overview of the tasks of the day, I like to go into the zone for a couple of hours before heading out to lunch. In the afternoon I like to meet with customers, either virtually or physically, in order to collect feedback on the use of our product or to land new agreements. I like to share all of our customers' feedback with the team so that everyone feels involved and has a clear understanding of what we need to deliver. Towards the end of the afternoon, I like to have another deep session where I get some work done before heading home or going to a cool meetup. :-)

What is your best advice for entrepreneurs who are just starting out?

Get out and talk to customers as early in the process as possible. The number one reason for startup failure is not having a clear idea of what the market needs and, thus, what you really need to build.

Perks & Benefits

Flexible work hours and vacation: Morning person or night owl, this job is for you
Free coffee / tea: Get your caffeine fix for free
Located near public transit: Easy access and treehugger friendly workplace
Social gatherings and games: Hangout with your colleagues
Free beer on Fridays: Friday is something special, let's enjoy a beer together
Skill development program: We want to take you from good to great

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