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Inventive Operations Intern

Full-time, Copenhagen
Monthly salary:


Ima Read is a Next Level reading experience in the making: We are developing a digital study tool for tertiary students by adding intelligence to the interaction between reader and digital text. Our goal is to ship the beta version in February 2017 so we are looking for an Inventive Operations Intern to take on a variety of crucial tasks – and potentially become our COO.

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We know for a fact that our customer segment, students on higher education, are wasting more than 878.500 every single week on inefficient reading - just in DK! And right there is your main selling point: Ima Read is here to make that precious time worthwhile :)

Our main areas of focus are the following:

Overview: Your curriculum is a tricky thing... And getting through it is even trickier! Ima Read extracts data from your texts and allows you to sort them by estimated time to read, difficulty level and whether you’ve read the text already.

Community: Learning is essentially a social activity. Ima Read will give you access to anyone anywhere in the World that is reading the same text as you. Chat, comment and share insights about your readings!

Technique: One of the best things about studying is taking a well-deserved break! Luckily, this is also one of the most effective techniques for efficient studying. Ima Read automates your breaks and even provides you with stuff to do meanwhile so your mind doesn’t wander too far off :)

Sense of accomplishment: Studying can feel unrewarding at times. Ima Read provides you with a sense of accomplishment on a daily basis by tracking your behaviour and visualizing your effort in a motivating way.

Ima Read is mainly targeting students; therefore, it will be your job to captivate heart and mind of young folk – while figuring out how to best possibly profit from it with integrity intact! In order to do so, you are expected to achieve the following goals:

  • Develop revenue streams worthy of 21st century 
  • Prepare our launch strategy
  • Start building up an enthusiastic community through creating awareness, desire and anticipation of product launch
  • Help developing and delivering our story through applicable and inventive channels
  • Apply analytics to measure how our customer segment reacts to various content

Yes, you will be a busy bee :) Luckily, you will receive an individually tailored internship plan and we will specify all your tasks and subtasks together so we are certain that you can achieve your goals and have a continuous experience of success!

In order to succeed, though, you are expected to:

  • Have a nose for Money
  • Be experienced from earlier employments
  • Be comfortable with spanning across operations, marketing, sales and biz dev
  • Think in revenue streams
  • Be highly motivated and take initiative Be in tune with best practices within marketing and sales, and understand strategies employed by inspiring companies that target youth
  • Be super structured and find joy and excitement in enabling other people

You will be part of a small, international team of 6 members: A fullstack software engineer, two business developers, two designers and one Jack of All Trades that glues it all together. We are all wearing many hats and help each other best we can!

Now, go look yourself in the mirror. Evaluate your ambitions and level of dedication.

If you are up for the task, please record a short application video, introduce yourself and explain why you'd want to spend time on Ima Read. Next, attach your CV and examples of what you find to be inspiring marketing campaigns to Denis Rivin ( before September 29.

Interviews are held October 3-7, appointment of Inventive Operations Intern will take place shortly after and work begins October 10.

We look forward to hearing from you :)

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