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Lead Developer / CTO

Part-time, Cofounder, Copenhagen
Monthly salary:



To be negotiated

Would you like to be a leading part of a start-up? And would you like to redesign the whole experience around dating in a way that has never been done before? We are in the business of changing the world of dating by providing the date and time to meet already when you match. No texting needed (if you do not want to). It is based on scientifically proven ways of increasing the chance for real romantic experiences to evolve. We aim to disrupt the industry city city by city, country by country.

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What we offer:

As CTO/Lead Developer you will have the chance to become a part of the founding team. You will lead the development of the mobile apps. You will be a part of idea creation process, taking Krown into the second beta stage. We have almost finished building our second MVP, but we still need to work on our technical setup and we welcome changes and input. You will get the unique opportunity to set your fingerprint on the solution and the business.   
The business took off when launching our last beta, a bit too quick. About 1500 users in a week through organic growth. It was too much for the servers to handle and we did not have a dedicated CTO/Lead Developer to handle the growth - that is where you come into the picture.

We like a casual, fun work environment and grabbing a beer to kick back at the end of the week. Our growth will be done as by starting part time and then going full time when the next test proves traction again. We have an open communication working actively with feedback, as we always want to learn and improve ourselves. We can contribute with knowledge about strategy, management, coding, running a business and developing business impact.

About you:

* You should have the desire to be a part of creating a business
* Be willing to take a leading role and to spend time crunching code
* You need to be a problem solver and see challenges as something positive
* Believe that it should be fun to work
* Management experience is an advantage, but not a must
* Have an interest in gamification
* Insights into machine learning is an advantage

We are imagining different solutions for compensation and the solution depends what you can bring to the table.
As this is a key role, the personal match between you and us is the most important aspect. We believe many things can be learned, so if you are not sure about the technical match, but see a match in our vision and business profile and still have interest, please give us a call.

The business:

We believe that dating should go on in the real world, not in the digital, so we are making it easier to meet, driving people from the digital into analog meetings. Krown is a dating app where you swipe other people who are going to the same events as you are attending. So if you are going to the same place at the same time, why not go together? We have unpublished neuroscientific knowledge that can give us the edge in changing peoples behaviour towards creating successful dates in the real world.   
Krown is a freemium experience where most value is provided to everyone and those extra features that can get you the extra mile, will be paid. It was founded in 2016 and currently owned solely by the founder. We want to take the plunge soon and go full time, but we need the right people to get the funding locked in. We have a fully working MVP but it needs some architectural care to scale perfectly. Currently we are improving the platform, but Krown still needs some architectural love before it is ready for our users.
We have had usage from users on our beta test, and we are in the process of looking for funding. This is where you also come in to the picture and can make an impact.


Our three sentence pitch:

We build a dating network that differentiates by user experience using pre-planned events as a platform to set the meeting up. Dates will take place at events that you already plan to attend, and therefore the dating network naturally connects places across geography allowing a progressive growth plan. The dating network is defensible through network effects.

Technical setup

* PHP7 (using Laravel)
* Swift / Java
* Github
* Linux
* Hosted at Digital Ocean

Perks & Benefits

Flexible work hours and vacation: Morning person or night owl, this job is for you
Free coffee / tea: Get your caffeine fix for free
Located near public transit: Easy access and treehugger friendly workplace
Social gatherings and games: Hangout with your colleagues
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