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Social Media Sales Talent (Partner in Crime)

Part-time, Cofounder, Southern Jutland
Monthly salary:


A social network which intelligently gives you the best matches for starting new friendships or getting help and guidance from like-minded. In a nutshell LifeBonder are a social network which intelligently gives you the best matches for starting new friendships or getting help and guidance from like-minded. It all depends on what your current existential needs are. LifeBonder will, so to speak, help bond or connect lives together to make new meaningful relations and communities.

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Serious social media sales talent (Partner in Crime) for new SaaS entrepreneurial business in the triangle area


If you are not already an entrepreneur, then you certainly have an entrepreneur hidden within you, and you want co-ownership and take joint responsibility in an entrepreneurial company with high growth potential and with headquarters in Vejle in the triangle area. You thrive on challenges, and you want to join a small team with very dedicated and self-propelled entrepreneurial types. You want to help make a difference and help to build a company from virtually nothing to a global company with a billion turnover.

You are open and honest, and you are not afraid to acknowledge yourself when you have made a mistake. You are persistent, and you are good at seeing opportunities rather than limitations, and then you do not let yourself out of adversity.



What can we offer?

We can offer you co-ownership in LifeBonder company, which is social network where you can be intelligently matched with new friends and get help and support from like-minded.

You must also help to pitch, when searching capital from investors. You don't have to have experience in pitching, but it will be an advantage if you've tried it before.

If you are out there as a possible sales and marketing partner, investor or a mix, then you are welcome to contact Jesper on mobile: 25 85 00 47 - and only serious inquiries please!


Your personality traits

  • Communicative - you are good at communicating
  • Optimistic - you are good at seeing opportunities over limitations
  • Persistent - you can endure adversity
  • Flexible - you are willing to work more during periods of extra effort 
  • Independent - you are able to solve your work without specific instructions 
  • Co-operative - You both can and will work with others and are willing to let you be inspired by others
  • Adheres to agreements - a word is a word, and if you have promised something, you keep it as well
  • Honestly - with honesty you come the longest
  • Both legs on the ground - You are realistic and sensible and abide by agreements


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