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Full-time, Part-time, Copenhagen
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I believe in the digital world and the communication we are able to share through online platforms. Therefore I have created THE SHE. We are an online platform that is created by and for women in Copenhagen. We focus on networking and offers interesting articles and lifestyle tips. We convey in categories such as fashion, health, food, career, and personal development. Our vision is to provide an opportunity for women for them to share their experiences and create new valuable relationships.

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Are you a women and have a passion for writing? 

One part of THE SHE is the online magazine. We are looking for you, who has a big interest and passion for writing and also photography. Either if it is in fashion, health or some of our other categories. Maybe you have suggestions for a new category? We are open to new and fresh ideas!

Your task is to write inspirational or informative texts with related images. It will also be a requirement that you will be able to do related interviews for THE SHE. 

Apply and become a part of THE SHE journey!

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