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At Convecto we are changing the way companies are working with financial reporting. We work under the simple motto, "Financial reporting, just smarter" We haven't reinvented the wheel, we didn't have to. We have just made it a whole lot easier, faster and more intuitive for SMV companies to manage their financial landscape and reporting. By utilizing the latest technologies, access to publicly available data and advanced API integrations to the most well known ERP systems, we have managed to automate the weekly, quarterly and annual reporting, budgeting and cash flow overview, without compromising flexibility and customization needs. Forget about customized excel sheets, heavy data extractions, and data cleanings. Use Convento to get the overview at a glance, and spend your time where it really matters instead!

Easy Verk

Digital Brand Communication Studio We advice startups and build strategies and execute according to the needs of the brand . Our purpose is to help your business build digital precense and to grow clients through awareness. We build the brand you have visualize and produce the content . We distribute the content on different channels. Video production and content production. We build the community and you focus on the business.


På finder du alle boliger til salg – og alt du skal vide om dem, inden du køber. Vi vil give brugeren de bedste muligheder for at finde det helt rigtige hjem. Vi beskæftiger os dagligt med udvikling af vores platform, som et af Danmarks største boligsites, igennem kreative brainstorms, konceptudvikling, research og design. Vi arbejder i tæt sammentømrede teams og er en del af et kreativt kontorfællesskab i Kødbyen.

PropTech Denmark

Real Estate Innovation has the potential to transform, better, and democratize our physical environment in ways that can help humans prosper. The next era of real estate leaders will have capitalised on the profound changes in technology, demographics and urbanisation. PropTech Denmark is dedicated to growing and nurturing tech-driven innovation in real estate through community engagement, networking, acceleration, venture activities and incumbent upskill The endpoint, a better built environment, is clear, and we are building a sustainable roadmap to get there - with the industries most reputable partners and innovators


Founded in Copenhagen, NorthQ is a leading-edge manufacturer and service provider of Energy Management devices. Based on extensive expertise with connected devices, we pioneer in retrofit meter reading solutions for the industrial and domestic sectors. Powered by innovation and effectiveness, both the hardware and the software of our cloud-based solutions are developed internally. This enables us to provide rapid development of tailor-made industrial metering and energy management solutions for a wide variety of business clients. Our mission is to deliver valuable business insights for energy, indoor climate and predictive maintenance, in order to inspire our customers to improve operational efficiency. In this way, we aim to help our customers use their resources more responsibly, towards their business, communities and the environment.

Square One

Square One is a coworking space for creative, hands-on entrepreneurs focusing on helping them test, develop and grow their business in the city's new district. We offer: - open and closed doors space offices - wood workshops - textile workshops - photo studio - meeting room - seminars and mentoring


An environmental focus in Scandinavia is, for many companies, an ever-increasing parameter on which new suppliers are being assessed. At NovoDana, we have decided to meet this green trend head on, and give purchasers the possibility to intensify their sustainable engagement by selecting suppliers that favor a positive environmental impact.


Currently few people in Low and Middle Income Countries have access to the diagnostic tools needed to initiate treatment of epilepsia. This is partly due to the cost of standard equipment and partly due to the need for highly trained professionals to use the equipment. BrainCapture provides electroencephalogram (EEG) services tailored to the needs and available resources in LMIC by delivering low cost mobile-based EEG equipment for tele-delivery of recordings, providing a cloud-based EEG diagnostics support services and AI-based recording quality control and diagnostics support.


Opgavekorrektur is an online proofreading agency, specialising in proofreading Danish and English-language papers. We aim at making your paper completely error-free and optimising your language. It is easy and cheap, and every step of the proces takes place online – from the forst contact to final delivery.

Hack Shack

We incubate novel ideas into fast growing businesses by following a systematic approach to entrepreneurship and a set of proven principles for getting rid of risk early on. We help form self organizing teams that can grow the culture, shape the strategies, add resources, help scale the business and finally - one day - we exit the company.

The Plant Era

The Plant Era is a Copenhagen-based plant-based sports nutrition company which aims to design the future of nutrition. With plant-based protein and sustainable packaging The Plant Era is determined to enhance athletic performance, improve health, and accelerate the world’s transition to a more sustainable world by reducing the consumption of meat and dairy.


Zuuvi rethinks the way modern marketers produce digital content. We're Danish, living in Copenhagen and we want to let corporate companies invest in performance not production. Zuuvi is a banner building platform were you can build your display ads banners. In a simple and intuitive way you can build high end HTML5 banners in minutes. We know that developing great banners are time-consuming, that's why we have started Zuuvi The Zuuvi platform enables that modern marketeers can produce high quality banners in minutes instead of hours. We let our users focus and invest in performance instead of production. We're on a exciting journey. Working and be and part of the Zuuvi family is fun, challenging, ambitious, and most important, it will developing your skills, and you will therefor make an impact.


We believe in people and the fact that a company can pursue anything if it just have the right combination of employees with the right mindset and skill set.  Specialized in recruiting Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, French and German speakers to relocate for opportunities in great companies around Europe.


Børnebogs-app’en Fairytell så dagens lys i september 2017, og er siden udkommet på svensk og tysk. Vi har skabt et unikt, eventyrligt og digitalt bogunivers for børn i alderen 0-10 år, som børnene kan fordybe sig i. Hos Fairytell har vi en mission om, at flere børn skal møde de gode fortællinger og børnebøger som en naturlig del af hverdagen. Vi brænder for at levere kvalitetsindhold til børnene i et sjovt, legende og sikkert univers, som bringer underholdning og læring sammen helt i børnehøjde.

DCR Solutions

DCR is an enterprise business process platform that enables a business - or process owner to easily create his/her own IT-system prototypes, mapping complex workflows with business rules, roles and legal requirements and ‘implement’ this process directly in any IT-system without any programming required (code-free). Once digitalized, DCR uses AI to discover and analyse actual user behaviour to constantly improve and adapt processes for the benefit of efficiency and user satisfaction. And for the business, dramatically reducing cost of implementation, ‘lead-time’, risk of non-compliance and ultimately maximising the value, lifetime and investment in their system.