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Academic Employee Programme

by Business House Copenhagen

There is a wide range of possibilities for startups searching for new talent. One of them is Business House Copenhagen, part of Copenhagen municipality’s effort towards academics looking for employment.

Copenhagen’s approx. 6000 job seeking academics represents a large potential resource for startup companies.

Through Business House Copenhagen, Danish Companies have the opportunity to get associated with a highly qualified graduate for up to 4-8 weeks. While working with Your Company, the candidate will receive financial support through the Danish unemployment system. This makes the solution very low risk for the young startup - and most importantly, it gives a jobseeking academic a great opportunity for entering the job market.

Companies also have the possibility to offer academic vacancies and specialist projects for a longer duration and Business House Copenhagen provides the possibility to match these with relevant specialists amongst the approx. 6000 highly educated academics.

Getting started is super easy: All it takes is to write an email to Business House Copenhagen, using the link below. From here, You will be put in contact with one of Business House Copenhagen business consultants, who will work with you on finding the right candidate.

Reach out today by sending us an e-mail.

Now go find your next rockstar!

Get started

Send an email to Peter at Business House Copenhagen, describing the type of candidate you would like to join your startup

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