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Contract management and start-up templates

Start-up documents in a simple contract management tool!

A contract management system build to be as easy as mobile pay. It's easy to send, sign and store and all future features are build around user requests and supporting the fact that Contractbook is way more than “just” a digital signature.

Contractbook gets your contracts organised. An efficient contract management platform. It allows you to create, sign and store contracts. It is a contract workflow, which works best when being implemented 100% throughout a company.
Meaning that it works as a tool similar to choosing Gmail or e-conomic as your preferred place to handle emails or financials. You implement Contractbook as the place to handle, overview and manage every company contract!

Explained simple:

  1. Choose template / Or import your own
  2. Digital Signature (SMS)
  3. Digital storage (encrypted)
  4. Storage of old documents (from before Contractbook)

Browse around at some of the available templates made in cooperation with founders, lawyers and investors, created to eliminate lawyer costs and long negotiations. Or take a tour at the site to see how it works. Sign up today and claim your free contracts (send and/or stored) with the voucher code: startup  

Don't be a stranger! Please reach out if you have questions or specific requests to: 

Viktor Heide - Co-founder
M: +45 31388842

Sundkaj 7
Pakhus 47
2150 Nordhavn 

Get started for free!

2 clicks and a verification, then you're one step closer to having your legal work digitalised and done right.

Claim your start-up offer; 6+6 contracts - 6 sent & 6 stored (4€ a month when used) - by using the voucher code: startup 

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