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Global IT Talents


AIESEC is the world's largest youth-run organisation connecting companies with, mainly, IT talent and BA profiles (including sales and marketing) from abroad. The candidates will have at least a bachelor degree and usually have gained some experience on the side. As a full-time employee for 6-18 months, they will contribute with the needed drive and creative input any company needs. Around 60% of the trainees continue at their company with an open-end contract afterwards.

  • 85000+ available talent on
  • Sourcing from 120+ countries.
  • Among many others, candidates with the following skills: PHP 1500+, C# 1500+, JavaScript 2300+, .NET 500+.
  • Pre-selection of candidates based on individual needs.
  • Administration and legality of the relocation taken care of (incl. VISA, help with accommodation, and CPR).
  • Ongoing integration and development activities for the trainee by AIESEC.


Wherever you are in the process, AIESEC are able to help with growing the talent capacity of your startup. Currently, the focus is on IT talents – knowing the struggle of finding the needed skills in Denmark – while the network of 126+ countries also offers a pool of business administration, sales & marketing, mechanical engineers, and other.

Download the free brochure or contact their local contact person if you wish to hear more:


Fiete Brunk

National President 17/18

AIESEC in Denmark



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