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Venture Cup Mentor Program

Join Scandinavia’s largest mentor program for university startups

Venture Cup is a world-leading startup organization for university students. Venture Cup is an association of all eight Danish universities and has grown to have Scandinavia’s largest mentor program for university students with more than 375 mentors from the business community and a Founder’s Club via which relevant courses are offered to the founders in the Venture Cup network.


6 Months Mentorship - What is it all about?

If you have a startup - Venture Cup has the mentors!

One of the many cool projects Venture Cup runs is Scandinavia's largest Mentor Program. With more than 375 highly praised mentors, the international network offers broad industry experience, as well as diversified professional skill set.

The Mentor Program is designed to connect experienced entrepreneurs and business professionals with the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.


Structure of a 6 Months Mentorship


Apply to the program by describing your startup/idea and select what you need help with from a mentor. The matching is based on your preferences and the mentor's preferences. During your first meeting with the mentor, you decide whether you want to begin the 6 months, relation-driven mentorship. You and your mentors are free to agree on the collaboration structure that fits you best. Venture Cup will provide you with the tools to get started on a successful mentorship.


Expectations and Requirements

  • At least one member of the team is currently enrolled at a Danish university or has graduated within the previous calendar year
  • The team is actively working on their business or idea
  • Submit a business plan and 5 short progress logs
  • Find answers to all your questions at FAQ

If you have any questions regarding the program, call or send an email to:

Keyvan Bamdej
Project Manager

M: +45 26 84 86 66

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