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Today software robots are being integrated into many companies with a focus on optimizing processes and service both internally and externally. Powered by artificial intelligence and natural language processing, a chatbot are able to understand requests, tasks and processes, using the same applications as their human colleagues and thereby optimizing service-related tasks by improving speed, accuracy and output. Our vision is to make chatbots accessible for all companies. Impnd develop chatbots-as-a-service to both external and internal use. With artificial intelligence, chatbots can simplify tasks and thereby save time for employees as well as customers.

FlowStack ApS

FlowStack is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) with a Marketing Automation layer on top. Our CDP is built with decades of experience and with speed in mind. Everything happens real-time. With FlowStack you can consolidate all of your data and automatically act on everything from a website visit to a an upcoming meeting. CONSOLIDATE AND ACTIVATE YOUR DATA The FlowStack CDP has a very flexible and powerful data model with a proven track record of providing auto dealerships with a single source of truth view of customers. We are experienced in consolidating data from various sources such as your crm, apps, sales & contract management software and many more systems. BOOST YOUR SALES WITH MARKETING AUTOMATION Use marketing automation to qualify leads and automatically follow up on events, offers and closed deals. With the intuitive flow builder it's easy to setup flows for tasks that are naturally suited for automation. INCREASE CUSTOMER LOYALTY AND REVENUE WITH AFTER SALES FLOWS Set your aftersales on autopilot. Use the consolidated customer data to achieve higher conversions on your various aftersales and transactional flows. FlowStack lets you execute easily on your sales and marketing strategies and inspires you to explore new streams of revenue. Strengthen your brand by setting up Satisfaction flow after workshop visit etc. CREATE STUNNING CONTENT Create your email content with our drag and drop content builder. Start from a mobile friendly and responsive theme created to match your brand. Use the email content you create for both stand-alone sendouts and in automated flows. FACEBOOK CUSTOM AUDIENCES Target your customers and your leads on Facebook! Tired of the manual and cumbersome process of uploading lists of leads and customers to facebook?Simply define your target audience as a segment in FlowStack, using your own data, and have the segments automatically sync with a Facebook Custom Audience. USE THE CUSTOMER DATA PLATFORM AS A BACKEND FOR OTHER APPS How about creating a customer portal or a custom preference center? We provide an API your developers will love - the possibilities for what you can create having access to consolidated customer data are endless.

Make Influence

Vi har skabt den ultimative platform, hvor alt er kommissionsbaseret. Velkommen til Make Influence. Vi er en gruppe passionerede iværksættere og hardcore udviklere, som har udviklet en kommissionsbaseret influencer platform med fokus på at skabe en verden, hvor virksomheder og influencere får størst gavn af hinanden. Tilbage i 2017 opstod ideen om at skabe en platform. hvor indtjeningsmuligheder skulle maksimeres for begge parter. Vi har siddet på begge sider af bordet, hvilket har givet os indblik i virksomheden og den enkelte influencers verden. Det har bestemt ikke været nemt, men vi har set og identificeret behovet og har udviklet platformen derefter. Efter mange demoversioner, utallige test og masser af sene pizzaaftener havde vi fundamentet for I august 2018 begyndte teamets dedikerede udviklere at bygge den første kommissionsbaserede influencerportal i Danmark. Målet var at introducere en portal, som havde salg, større indtjeningsmuligheder og fede samarbejdsmuligheder samt datadrevet marketing for øje. Data skaber gennemsigtighed, hvilket kan retfærdiggøre vores priser. Du kan via dit eget dashboard se, hvor meget værdi vores influencere skaber for dig. Vi har bygget en platform ud fra alt det, som mange har savnet og efterspurgt, så man hurtigt kan se, om influencer marketing skaber værdi for dig. Historien falder sammen med vores mission: Vi skaber platformen – du skaber samarbejdet og indtægtsmulighederne. Endnu en gang velkommen til Danmarks første kommissionsbaserede influencerportal.

Just Plants!

Just Plants ApS was founded in 2019 with the mission to mainstream plant-based deliciousness. We create ready-to-eat meals focusing on taste, sustainability and nourishment. Our dinner meals are especially suited for families with children. They create harmony around the dinner table. The company is founded and managed by Malte Clausen and Katrine-Fjelding Larsen. Read more at


Who is Qred 💸 Qred is a fast-growing international FinTech company focused on small business financing. Traditional lenders are slow and expensive. So, one country at a time, we plan on changing this. We’ve hired some of the most talented marketers that the world of tech has to offer, and we’re eager to showcase their talent to the world - and that’s where you come in.


Keyhole wants to enable tenants, so they get easy access to their dream rental residence without laying down a large upfront deposit. In Denmark more than an estimated 23 mia. DKK is tied up in residential security deposits. A large sum that is just waiting to get back into tenants’ wallets. We ́re on a great mission to get tenants own money back into their wallets, so they can use it for whatever they want. This is particularly helpful in today's booming rental market where even more chooses to rent their homes than ever before , and where move-in cost are just skyrocketing. Keyhole is created to give a proper alternative. This is done by replacing the traditional deposit with a small monthly membership fee. A fee which enable us to cut down the cost of your new home significantly. This means easier access to greater homes, and more money to spend on, well, whatever. The latter reason is also why Keyhole isn't a loan. We want to financially empower tenants, not add debt. We will vouch for tenants, so that everyone involved can feel secure.