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Marketing & Communication

Praktikant søges til content og SEO indenfor online handel og iværksætteri

Marketing & Communication

Norsktalende praktikant søges online markedsføring og forretning online

Marketing & Communication

SoMe Marketings-geni

Full-stack developer

Full stack developer

Business Development

Business Development Manager


Student position, testing lifespan-altering compounds, computer science/computer engineering


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When you want to expand your business with paid marketing you often take a choice. Either you get a graphic designer to make ads for a few products, so you have 1-5 great creatives that radiate your brand. Otherwise you get pictures for your entire product feed, where you do not radiate your brand, but on the other hand, it shows a small price box in an overlay. We want to help you make pictures and/ or videos for all your products that look 100% as you want it. With Confect you can make one template, which is then used for all your products, categories or brands according to what you want. See more at

Lean BI Tech

Lean BI Tech is building the next generation online business intelligence experience. The aim is to empower the decision process in SMBs by providing the required reports through a no-programming-no-tech-required online platform. Founded by veteran data warehouse/business intelligence professionals, with the belief that data driven decision support should be available to all professionally run businesses, regardless of size and IT-budget.

Sanitra Wine

Sanitra Wine aims to disrupt Danish wine market. We specialize in import and sales of wines from countries that are considered to be "off the beaten track". Our wines are hand-picked and tasted by our team before introducing them to the Danish market. Rather than flooding the market with massive selection, we only choose the very best wines that our producers offer. Our offer currently features wines from Slovakia with plans to expand our portfolio with other countries in the future. Whether it is for Friday bars and company events, bars and restaurant or just a wine enthusiast - our exclusive wines are perfect for every occasion and will certainly not break the budget.


REKKI is an app designed by chefs for chefs to make ordering between restaurants and suppliers easier, more efficient and more accountable. We see it as our duty to reimagine the supply chain for the food industry. We believe independent restaurants are fundamental to society - they provide a space to connect and actually talk to each other - and we work to make them sustainable businesses. We are obsessed with the people who work to feed us. As a team, we spend a lot of time with people in the food industry, eating their food and listening to their stories. We love the grit and determination, the sweat, the wild stories, and the banter they have to share. These people work tirelessly so that others can indulge in experiences and expand their horizons. We build REKKI for them. We have proven international success in 6 countries, and that was just the start: We are now ramping up for international expansion.

Proxi Biotech

Proxi Biotech, an early stage spin-off from Staten Serum Institute, has developed the BID Technology for detoxification of bacterial toxins to be used as next generation vaccine antigens. BID Technology replaces the conventional cross-reacting agents in the development of new antigens for toxoid-based vaccines that are highly needed to overcome the challenges of antimicrobial resistance.

Nordic Startups

We are building a digital community of all nordic startups employees. Our platform is meant to centralise a database with the profiles of all startup employees in the Nordics, based on a rating system. We are in an early stage where we have refined the idea, did the market research, found our ideal client, analysed our competitors, and validated the concept through surveying potential customers.