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Sealand IoT Incubator

A 3-step incubator program designed for IoT startups. Sealand IoT Incubator uses its varied resources and experienced mentors to develop early-stage startups to the point of market entry.
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Primarily investing in:
Product or prototype
Go to Market
Growth and expansion
Focus areas:

Focus areas

Sealand Incubator focuses on promising startups within the field of IoT (Internet of Things). Their own definition of IoT is the combination of software and hardware. A company can apply for the program, as long as it has IoT as part of its foundation.


The incubator is created by the Danish investment company Sealand Capital. Sealand Capital was founded in 2008 and is based in Copenhagen. The incubator builds upon mentoring from a roster of experienced business profiles.

How much do they invest?

Funding is divided over two segments, providing € 10,000 for a production-market fit and € 100,000 for market entry. Apart from capital, they also offer mentorship, business modelling, go-to-market execution, office space, 3D-printing, product design support and administrative service.

How do they work?

You apply for the program by sending them an email with a brief description of your team, market, and product. The program is divided into three steps of 1-month try-out, 6-month product-market fit, and 12-month market entry. While the 1-month try-out period is free, the following two steps cost 5% equity and 25% equity respectively.

This makes a difference to them

It is important that your team is focused and ambitious. During the program, all founding members have to be able to re-locate to Copenhagen and fully commit to the project.

The good pitch

As your initial application is restricted to one page, be sure to point out the strength of your team and your potential to reach a global market. The description of your product should focus on how it qualifies as IoT and its implications for the life of everyday people.

Startups they funded

Not publicly disclosed.

How to approach them

Apply for the program by sending them team an e-mail with basic information about your team, market, and product (max one page).

If you have any questions about Sealand IoT Incubator, contact Søren Ammundsen via phone or e-mail.

Phone: +45 29 82 84 56

Contact information

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