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Alteryx consultant

Freelance, Copenhagen
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We are looking for an Alteryx consultant to develop, publish, and manage Alteryx workflows being used to generate business reports.

Candidate should have experience working Alteryx (and maybe also Tableau).

Qualified candidates should be able to perform data mining, analysis and prepare reports based on business requirements.

Preferred Skills & Experience:

  • Alteryx workflow development expertise is the core requirement
  • Good Analytic capabilities in analyzing data, reporting requirements, identify KPIs, insights, and trends.
  • Problem-solving skills in managing a large volume of data
  • Documentation of logic used in Tableau
  • Experience creating Tableau Reports
  • Experience in Creating Tableau calculations, table calculations, LOD calculations, blending, actions, time period functions, parameters based on requirements
  • Experience coding and modifying SQL/ETL/Alteryx based on dashboard requirements in Tableau Designing and developing data source, dashboards in Tableau
  • Carrying out an investigation of root cause analysis
  • Ability to evaluate, analyze, design and implement solutions based on technical requirements
  • Ability to communicate to a variety of audiences in both verbal and written form.

Job Responsibilities:

The consultant will be responsible for

  • Data preparation, data blending, and the creation of data models / sets using Alteryx
  • Designing, building, and testing several complex workflows in Alteryx
  • Gather user requirements and ultimately facilitate ad hoc report / data requests with a quick turn-around time
  • Maintaining documentation of database workflows, requirements, policies, and procedures as they relate to Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Suggesting new Viz based on data and analysis
  • Improving data processing speed by optimizing SQl and tableau viz.
  • Experience and exposure on Data Warehousing and Big Data Ecosystems.


Please contact Director Henrik Brask on +45 53803240 or send an email to if you or someone in your network would be interested to hear more. 

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