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Full-time, Funen
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KOBOTS develops collaborative, mobile, voice-controlled robots. We want to make robots easy and natural to use. We believe that the robots of the future are collaborative. We believe, that the human hands, still are the most important tool in most industries. Therefor we believe that hand-free, voice-controlled robot solutions are the way to go. Our first robotic solutions are within the construction industry.

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DedicatedExperienced CTOTaking responsibilityUX approachExperience over education

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Kobots is a young company with a long experience from the construction branch. Based on our experience, we have seen a need for automated solutions to aid construction work. We work passionately for simple solutions and we aim globally.

Our solution is a hand-free, speech-driven robotic tool that speeds up construction tasks in a simple, user-friendly manner in an environment with dust, noise, and crowdedness. Our robot tools are operated from a smartphone/tablet.

Kobots have a working prototype, a set of highly-esteemed beta-testers, a team of dedicated people and we are now ready to scale up our company.

We are looking for an experienced chief technology officer, CTO, to take ownership and leadership over all technological aspects of our products and drive our company to a commercial success together with our passionate team.

You need to have knowledge, experience and personal drive to test/build/rebuild the existing solution (especially within software programming and algorithm development). Hands-on effort will be required from day one but management skills and responsibility delegation will required when the company grows.

Among other tasks, your job will consist of:

  • Driving our strategy for our entire technological, value creating robot solution
  • Managing and taking responsibility over a dynamic team of hardware, mechanical and software employees
  • Taking ownership over in-house software and app development: interfaces to hardware, cloud computing, integration of speech, user experience
  • Managing test and development of all interfaces between mechanical, hardware, software, human functions
  • Building and managing your own team of software development
  • Building and managing a support line for our customers
  • Keeping informed on leading edge technologies and conducting case studies for future road maps of Kobots solutions

Our present technologies (among others):

  • Based on open / known systems such as Linux, Microsoft Windows and Qt
  • Transformation of a 2D drawing and export from the application via wifi / mobile net in a simple data format such as G code (RS-274) to a PLC and a drive
  • Transmission of files and commands both ways between phone/tablet and master database over wifi / bluetooth
  • CAD/CAM, CNC control, PLC programming
  • API to speech synthesis and speech recognition

We prefer that you have an MS in information technology, engineering or other relevant area. However, we value experience over education. It is imperative that you have software competencies and a broad technological understanding as well as a UX approach to your way of working.

You must be ready to work in a changing environment of exponential growth with an international aim.

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