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Graphic Designer for unpaid internship

Internship, Copenhagen
Monthly salary:



undefined is a new job search platform targeting board-of-director positions in a market which is dominated by network recruitment. We need recruitment to be about competencies rather than who you might know, and this requires transparency! For diversity, for jobs and for overall governance. You will work with an experienced team comprised of two developers and one CEO domiciled in Hellerup who are backed by strong Danish investors and a top tier board of directors.

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We need someone to continuously showcase our new features using promo videos on to share on social media and vis e-mail marketing. This can be both recorded material as well as graphic illustrations. The applicant needs to take responsibility as he/she will be driving the workstream alone. We guarantee a fantastic work environment, and you will mainly work the CEO and also give your inputs on strategic decisions.  

Perks & Benefits

Free lunch: Enjoy a free catered lunch with your colleagues, every day
Flexible work hours and vacation: Morning person or night owl, this job is for you
Free coffee / tea: Get your caffeine fix for free
Social gatherings and games: Hangout with your colleagues
Free beer on Fridays: Friday is something special, let's enjoy a beer together
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